What Is the Recovery Time for a Vein Ablation Procedure?

The definition of ablation is a procedure that removes or destroys body tissue, or destroys its function. With vein ablation, doctors used to remove the vein surgically, but newer technology enables them to destroy it within the body, restoring proper circulation and erasing varicose and spider veins. Endovenous ablation procedures eliminate the risks, recovery time, and expenses of surgical ablation. Vein ablation can be completed with medicines, thermal energy, or vein adhesives.

Most commonly, the phrase “endovenous ablation” refers to procedures that use either radiofrequency or lasers to heat and cauterize faulty veins. These techniques make recovery a breeze. In fact, patients can resume their workday and usual routine immediately following the procedure. Click HERE to meet with our New Jersey vein specialists and discuss our minimally invasive procedures. Read on to learn what to expect after your vein ablation treatment.

Want to get rid of varicose veins in time for summer vacation? Wondering, “How long does it take to recover from vein ablation?” Here’s how to get quick results.

Is Recovery Faster with Minimally Invasive Vein Ablation?

Recovering from minimally invasive vein ablation is much faster than recovering from surgical techniques like traditional phlebectomy. There is no general anesthesia, no hospitalization, and no period of downtime for healing. Since we use tiny needles or catheters to reach the vein, we don’t need to make any deep incisions, and there are no stitches or wounds to heal.

With thermal vein ablation, we simply protect the tissue surrounding the treated vein with injectable tumescent anesthesia, then treat the vein directly with a radiofrequency electrode or laser fiber (our vein center prefers radiofrequency, since it’s more comfortable for patients). Afterwards, you’ll stand up right away and can even drive yourself home. You don’t have to stay off your feet- in fact, we encourage you to walk around and avoid long periods of sitting or standing in one position.

You can even resume your exercise routine if the doctor approves it. You might need to avoid strenuous weightlifting or heavy exertion for a few days. But otherwise, your routine will be the same as it was before treatment, except that your unsightly veins and frustrating symptoms will disappear! If you need to wear compression stockings or elevate your legs while resting, our vein doctors will let you know. But these are temporary tactics that won’t interfere with your mobility.

Which Vein Treatment Options Have the Easiest Recovery?

All of our minimally invasive vein ablation treatments are easy to recover from. We’ll take a look at your symptoms, medical history, and concerns, as well as an in-depth look at your veins, to determine the best course of action. We’ll then recommend either sclerotherapy (injectable medicine), thermal ablation (endovenous radiofrequency or lasers), vein adhesives (injectable cyanoacrylate glue), or a combination of mechanical and chemical ablation.

Each of these vein ablation procedures is completed in well under an hour. Treatments like sclerotherapy often take 15 minutes! You can walk around right after treatment and head back to business as usual. None of our treatments require you to take time off work, tend to wounds or sutures, or deal with large bandages. You don’t have to wait for any incisions to heal before doing things like exercising or bathing, since our incisions are pinpoint sized.

No matter which minimally invasive vein treatment is recommended for you, the recovery will be quick and easy. Many patients complete treatment within their lunch break and don’t have to miss a single obligation. If you’ve been postponing vein treatment because of a potentially long recovery time, contact our New Jersey vein doctors to hear about swift solutions.

How Do You Care for Treated Varicose Veins After Ablation?

After your vein ablation, post-procedural care is very minimal. You might need to wear compression stockings, depending on your vein health and the procedure performed, but this is for a brief time. You might also be advised to keep your leg elevated while you sit or sleep for a couple of days. If you have any swelling, it’s very temporary. You can apply cold compresses above your treated vein, if it feels more comfortable, but leg swelling should relent on its own within 24-72 hours.

How Do You Reduce Swelling and Bruising from a Treated Vein?

After vein ablation, there might be mild swelling or bruising, but these are both short-lived. Most swelling dissipates within 24 hours and disappears completely within 3 days. Bruising can last a bit longer (the same length of time your body normally takes to resolve a bruise). However, some patients don’t have any bruising or swelling at all.

The best way to reduce swelling is to follow your vein doctor’s instructions. For example, if they recommend that you wear compression stockings or prop your feet above your heart when you’re sitting or lying down, follow their advice. Ice can be helpful too, if it appeals to you. But either way, bruising and swelling won’t last long. Our vein treatments tackle vein diseases like Chronic Venous Insufficiency too, which will eliminate any swelling and discoloration you already had before treatment.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Vein Ablation in NJ?

You might assume that these fast, minimally invasive treatments are only available in metropolitan areas. But our New Jersey vein centers are run by Harvard-trained doctors with access to the same cutting-edge equipment used by our vein specialists in Manhattan. We have award-winning vein centers in Clifton, Paramus, Woodbridge, and Woodland Park, so you don’t have to drive into New York City for world-class vein care.

Our NJ vein specialists are double and triple board certified and have extensive training in the latest vein ablation techniques. We love explaining what we do and helping patients understand what to expect from vein treatment. Call our caring team today to book your appointment! Our insurance specialists guarantee coverage prior to treatment, and our vein doctors take time to answer all of your questions. Don’t waste another day disliking your spider or varicose veins. The solution is right outside your door, and completed in less than 30 minutes!